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Registering as a Food Facility

Do you manufacture, process, pack, transport, distribute, receive, hold or import pet food?

Is your product made in a commercial facility rather than your own home?

If you make your product in your own home, then you are exempt. If you do any of the above, you must register your facility with the FDA in compliance with the Bioterrorism Act. For a booklet on facility registration, go HERE.

Manufacturers with facilities registered under the Bioterrorism Act must also report on any contamination that may reasonably result in serious harm to people or animals in a very prompt manner.  Information on the Reportable Food Registry may be found HERE.


The information contained in this website is designed to provide advice to small petfood and treat manufacturers on regulatory requirements and to assist them in the development of proper labeling for these products.

AAFCO has no statutory authority to regulate pet products.

Rather, enforcement of violations is the purview of the state feed control officials, so companies must comply with each state's requirements.  While most states follow AAFCO model regulations, exact language and interpretation may differ between states. While these documents offer guidance that are helpful in the vast majority of states, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure compliance with individual state requirements.

Did you know?

AAFCO does not regulate, test, approve or certify pet foods in any way.

AAFCO establishes the nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods, and it is the pet food company's responsibility to formulate their products according to the appropriate AAFCO standard.

It is the state feed control official's responsibility in regulating pet food to ensure that the laws and rules established for the protection of companion animals and their custodians are complied with so that only unadulterated, correctly and uniformly labeled pet food products are distributed in the marketplace and a structure for orderly commerce.